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Originally Posted by ATG View Post
As a self-made atheist, I suggest we discuss what the contemporary world would look like without too gigantic religions: Christianty and Islam. Both came from the middle east and, naturally, the wide acceptance of Islam by the neighboring countries around Persian Gulf was sort of logical. But it still puzzles me how the whole Europe (and then the U.S. -- oh yeah baby!) had come to the acceptance of Christianity. How did the whole continent fall for those local Israeli myths??
Religion and politics are historically two sides of the same coin. This is why Kings and Queens are crowned by the church. In this case Rome, in its death throes, inserted Christianity into Europe.

And consider that but for the turn of a few battles Western Europe would still be Catholic. Or Spain Muslim. Or Ireland…who knows.

And since you are trying to stir the pot, here is another ingredient. One of the least likely places to find atheists, agnostics and free thinkers in general is prison.