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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
oh boy, can't wait this to happen to me....
Same here. This kind of douchness only happens when I drive the 190e.

Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
I'm guilty of this.

For whatever reason, I love feasting on Infinit G37S's. I think that maybe this desire stems from the fact that the G37S looks as if it should be so much faster than it actually is.

But yeah, at least at times, I'm that guy. Haha, oh well .
Ahh...there is one I would like to school in my area. The douche thought he was all that while tailgating me on the 190e and swinging out to blow past me. I see him again 2 other times doing that to other cars with a lower power-to-weight ratio. Now there is a douche.
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