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I love how some people here are saying M3 drivers think their cars are the best. That may be true in many cases, but honestly, The AMG guys think they are driving batmobiles and think they are faster than everyone on the road. in all honesty, I hate the way they sound. Euro cars shouldnt sound like that. I came from an SRT-8 hemi to my M3, so I know all about muscle car noises and how good they sound. It just doesn't go well with euro cars. And so what if the c63 is fast in a straight line? there is no refinement in the car, it is basically a motor, rear axle and 4 wheels, the ride is stiff, it cant put the power down to the ground, horrible interior, their user interface for the nav and all that is tough to use, and you pay 20gs more for all of that vs. the M3. Sure, the M3 is not the best car in the world. It is not the fastest car in the world. But it sure as hell is up there. When you see guys in C63's, they give off this cocky vibe as if they have the fastest car in the world. they dont. that is what I dont like about mercedes philosophy. I see them as the European muscle car; fast in a straight line, lots of torque, big engines, but when it comes to quality and refinement, they are out to lunch. Again, im not saying the M3 is the best car in the world, but seriously, I would rather have that than the c63 hands down.