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World without mass religion

As a self-made atheist, I suggest we discuss what the contemporary world would look like without too gigantic religions: Christianty and Islam. Both came from the middle east and, naturally, the wide acceptance of Islam by the neighboring countries around Persian Gulf was sort of logical. But it still puzzles me how the whole Europe (and then the U.S. -- oh yeah baby!) had come to the acceptance of Christianity. How did the whole continent fall for those local Israeli myths??

Here is my definition of religion (or religious writing):

Religion is a subtance that consists of ink poured over paper and intended to treat unsubstantiated fear and anxiety associated with future and death. Prolonged use results in periods of perceived euphoria and delusions. In extreme cases, readers may collectively resort to violence. Young and undeveloped brains are particularly susceptible to permanent damage. Use with extreme caution because of high incidence of flashbacks and a risk of an irreversible loss of connection with real World. Causes severe dependence and difficulties in withdrawal comparable to opiates

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