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Originally Posted by Ouphidelt View Post
It does seem like everyone has something to prove to the M in the next lane.

I actually had an experience this morning...

It was nice. I had the top down. I had my CC set at 67 mph. Minding my own business after the gym and on my way to work. I had an older woman in a new Hyundai literally cut across three lanes to cut me off (I had to SLAM on my brakes to avoid hitting her). I didn't even honk my horn, but I did throw up my hands as if to say WTF??! She returned the finger.

It gets better...I pulled up next to her at the next intersection and she rolls her window down and says "If you couldn't afford the accident, you shouldn't be driving the time my new car is on you, rich boy!"
I would have started laughing at her... that REALLY pisses them off
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