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Here is my update about my previous mentions about my transplant-

I have 3 sisters and the youngest one is 16 who 100% matched me. Obviously- I got pretty lucky her matching.

I had been working hard this entire year for many tests and pre-transplant chemo treatments. The easiest for me to explain the whole transplant plan is not a simple procedure from day 1 and even till now.

I was finally ready after passing through many tests until I was admitted April 9th 2011.

April 13 2011- I received my transplant which is considered being a Birthday for transplants.

Today is day +7 after the transplant and everything is working great. I have been lucky to have avoided bad nauseated days after the transplant, but I haven't felt any of it.

I have been feeling that I have been sitting around healing and just having tests the whole time.

I will still be in the hospital for a couple weeks until I'm discharged to go home for me to be outpatient for a lot tests until they slow down up to +100 days. I am supposed to be able feeling more normal since I will be slightly isolated after 6 months after the transplant.

I really appreciate all of you guys following this thread, and I am trying hard answering posts in here, and I still update the thread during the recovery too.

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