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They wouldn't spend a lot on the research, almost every mass market brand knows the average financial situation of their customers. Hyundai did all of this because, well, they had to sell a Hyundai product (Okay, back when they were still not even in contention over a Honda or Toyota).

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I agree Hyundai is quite impressive their sedans are quite nice had one for a rental one time the quality, mpg (esp for treating it like a rental) and sportiness and driver response was a million times better than a honda accord. cant comment on the coupes but my cousin had a hyundai tiburon the newer body style and she had to take it to the shop alot.
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Being a fan of Honda engines, I requested that they consider building for the F1 a 4.5 liter V10 or V12. I asked, I tried to persuade them, but in the end could not convince them to do it, and the McLaren F1 ended up with a BMW engine.