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I haven't posted much during the last months how busy it has been pushing through everything. At the moment- I am posting from the hospital on the transplant floor.

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Keep fighting homie. You got this.
Thank you bud!
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wish you the best!
I appreciate that a lot!
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You're a fighter, you got this!

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We wish you all the BEST!
Thank you very much.
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Making it to the bone marrow transplant stage is huge. They only put you there if you're strong.
I'm posting from the hospital after my transplant in next post...

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I'll be praying for you.. I know its easier said than done, but stay strong!
Thank you!!!
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I just now saw this thread and am not sure how I missed it. Would like to wish you the best and hope you recover fully. Prayers are out for you. Hope everything works out for you just the way you want it to.
Thank you sir!

There will be success story soon, and I can feel it.

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My grandfather went in about 10 days ago with pneumonia. During the CAT scan it was revealed he also had stage 4 lung cancer. We were told it could be anywhere from 2 months to a year, as at 90 there is nothing they can do.

He waited until all the family had a chance to see him this week and passed away yesterday morning. He knew it was his time and was ready. I'm glad he didn't suffer and passed peacefully in his sleep. He will be missed but he was a great man that lived a full, wonderful life.

I wish you all the best in your ongoing fight. That is amazing that you are able to help your grandfather fight through this with your own battle as inspiration. Good luck.
Wow. He definitely had a full long great live for 90 years. I would be happy after that many years. My great grandmother passed with a similar story at being 97 while the entire family flew to see her until she passed within a day.

Back on to my grandfather at the moment- I'm still fighting for him while we're both neutropenic without being allowed traveling, so we talk through skype, but I still can only talk to him through typing about my hearing loss. It is definitely better than nothing. It is being difficult for him since his doctors have stopped his chemo treatments since it stopped working in the last month. I'm trying hard keeping him positive.

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Your determination is inspiring! Hang in there and keep fighting Nick!
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your post!
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