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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
That was my point replying to mastek, even if the organizers had the opportunity to bid for the El Toro field back in 2005. The construction cost will be astronomical. Also they had to outbid the ones who purchased the land back in 2005 for 650 million USD.

It was just not economical to build over there back then, and now its impossible at all.
I was comparing the overall project cost between the two.

I'd like to have a F1 grand prix near by (I live 30-40 miles away from El Toro). But I prefer to have a better facility and track, and reasonable ticket price. If the grand prix near by but cost twice more than Austin. I'll just stay home.

I agree, I would take better facilities/track over a convenient location with a hastily prepared/boring track. Especially given that the economics favor a track at a location like Austin.

I think my only concern is whether Austin will make an entertaining venue, where people have something to do after the race (like in Montreal, Monte Carlo, Singapore, Shanghai, etc.). After attending the Indianapolis Grand Prix, I realized how boring it can be to have absolutely nothing to do after a day's worth of action on track. We couldn't even find a decent place to grab a beer, for crying out loud!

That being said, the members on this board seem to suggest that Austin is a fairly vibrant city. So, in the interest of having a track on home soil again, I'll sit back and cross my fingers that it's a success!