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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
I believe you are talking about Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. I've been there many times for AMG Events (twice) and Taste of Lexus.

However, the organizer will have for fork up more than 650mil USD just to get the four parcels of the land. That was back in 2005, not sure the cost of land 6 years later. But I'm sure the overall cost of construction will be higher. That puts a big burden to the organizers, on top of what they will have to pay to Bernie's bank account.

Where the overall cost to build Circuit of the Americas is just approx 250 mil.

That does not include the landscaping to create elevation difference. Foundations of various buildings and the track. Also prep work to dispose existing buildings and existing runways.

this will also force Top Gear US to go somewhere else. (Not that they're good, just give them a second season chance!)
Also, that will never happen, given that El Toro is essentially being turned into a gigantic housing development/shopping center/national park. I don't think a Formula 1 track would be too popular amongst the suburban families, haha.