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Originally Posted by comeback1 View Post
Amazing pictures, looks like the trip was a blast!
this has been on my list of trips to do but always end up doing something more cliche like italy or greece ugh.
Personal Q (feel free to pm me ) how much did it cost total? we talking 5k with flight? or closer to 10k with flight hotel food and everything?
only asking because you probably also flew out of jfk
Not even close...

Used miles for flight to Ecuador (saved $600/person)
Flight to Island from Quito was $400/person
Hotel was $130/night, however there are more expensive hotels.
Excursions ran about $140 total (snorkeling, lava caves, visit turtles) $70/person.
Food/booze we spent about $400 over 4 days
Costs $100 per person to get onto the island (tax)

However if you are an Ecuadorian resident everything is very discounted

What is "expensive" there is the BOAT PACKAGES. Those go for $3-5k per person depending on how long. IMO that is the way to go to get the ultimate experience. We also didn't go scuba diving which isn't cheap.

Remember these islands aren't close to each other! So if you want to go to Darwin island or visit 5-6 islands you will need a big boat cruise and lots of time which is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
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