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Exclamation great table to check tire pressure/load rating

assume we're talking about the 18" OEM wheels
the fronts are 93Y and the rears are 97Y
and you just changed the tires to something else
so what do you adjust your tire pressure to?
OEM specs are 33 Psi front, and 35 Psi rear
so 93Y front tires at 33psi means 1178lb
so you find the correct pressure for your new tires by going along the load rating line for your new tire till you find the closest number to 1178

in my case i replaced the OEMs with 255/35 and 275/35 PS2s
their load rating is 96Y Front, and 100Y Rear
so the correct pressure for the new tires is 30 Psi front, and 31 Psi rear

this is not the optimum pressure, nor the one for people who like their tires super firm
this is the correct pressure to keep it as close as possible to OEM spec

so my new tires at 30/31psi should feel the same as the OEM tires at 33/35psi