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Business 101 to learn from Hyundai + BMW dynamics = Win.

I know I know, most of you are probably going WTF..
Many of you bmw drivers might be too high class to talk about stuff like Hyundai but I know there are business-minded people and unbiased intellectuals in this forum, so this applies to those of you.

I just read an article about this,
Basically, Hyundai guarantees trade-in values of their vehicles.

Resale value has been one of the biggest culprits of buying Hyundai for many consumers searching for a car in market segment that Hyundai fits in. They realized this and quickly took action again. First with 100,000 mile guarantee, because they knew consumers were worried about durability and reliability of Hyundai vehicles. Many automotive companies copied after Hyundai. Same story with job-less protection package Hyundai offered. They know exactly who their consumers are (for now at least), and quickly adopt to it. While they don't make best cars or anywhere near, their business strategy and consumer marketing technique is top-notch.

Mean while, in a way I wish Hyundai to spends all that money spent on consumer researching on vehicles they make instead, to improve dynamics of their cars. But as a business person, what they do really inspires me. I think Hyundai is one of the best MNEs out there, just not the best manufacturer of automotive engineering yet.

I even had this dumb thinking where if Hyundai's business strategies and BMW's driving dynamics came together, it would create an unbeatable automotive business brand. Certainly, BMW doesn't have to adopt such "accessorized-business strategies", as BMW create cars that are world top class. I know BMW does extensive marketing and future planning as I always keep track on their investments. The iPhone app for ActiveE program gave me a laugh and made me think, "so this has to be one of the genius ideas BMW came up with since the investment in smart-phone/tablet programming era for years now".

I just thought Hyundai promotes and incorporates some very creative and effective marketing strategies. That many companies haven't done yet. All the work has been proven to be working very effectively, and Hyundai's market share and sales has gone up to prove such statements. I start to wonder what Hyundai is gonna do next. Almost as fun as waiting for the next F3x M3s. (ok, thats a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea).

Who agrees and who disagrees?
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