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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
SoCal needs an F1 Track.
We have 3 International and 2 National Airports, 1000 Hotels, 10,000 Restaurants, Disneyland, Hollyweird, etc, etc

This is the car capitol of the world -- more Ferraris, Mercedes and BMW's sold here then anywhere in the world -- wheres the F1?? WTF = Texas??
Originally Posted by mastek View Post
But we deserve one more and we have the infastructure to deal with 100k more people over a week/weekend. And you'd be surprised how much property there is nearby LA.
Downtown LA could host a GP as much as i hate temp street circuits, cause we need a proper Race Track out here.
We can't even get a NFL team here in LA. How do you think we will get a purpose built F1 track? Not going to happen, especially in this crap California economy.

I have been to Austin a couple times, great place. The downtown is really nice. They have that huge South by Southwest event every year. That attracts a ton of people from all over.

Plus you have to remember Texas has 3 of the top 10 most populated cities in the US (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio).