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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Texans are friendlier .
Its cause they get to carry guns.

Its true that most new (and old) F1 venues are far away from any major city.
There was and Air Force Base that closed approx. 10 yrs ago - outside of Irvine - i was part of a group/consortium that was looking at building a permanent F1 track there. Everything was in place - except the 300 million USD. A the time (2004) one wanted to invest.
I know Austin is a great city an the people are friendly - im happy for them that they are getting a world-class facility.
But we deserve one more and we have the infastructure to deal with 100k more people over a week/weekend. And you'd be surprised how much property there is nearby LA.
Downtown LA could host a GP as much as i hate temp street circuits, cause we need a proper Race Track out here.