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Originally Posted by accordingi2ime View Post
what are these two dishes called?
looks awesome
not sure of the names. The first one was rice with curry sauce and shrimp. Awesome! Got it at the street festival on Santa Cruz

Second was a traditional pork, plantain, and rice dish with hot sauce... this was in Ecuador

Originally Posted by iBoost View Post
looks awesome!! are either one of you from ecuador?
My GF is born and raised there. She came over when she was younger. Most of her family is there which is why we went in the first place, we just squeezed in a short trip to galapagos.

Sucks we didn't get to see the penguins or swim with the sea lions. We got to get close to many of the sea lions on the shore, but not in the water. The little guy who was injured was super close, but was pissed because he was injured. We're going to go back eventually, we'll do it right next time.

Thanks for the compliments.
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