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I'm no where near the pro (like some here) but here is my one story.

Dated this chick I met a Knott's Berry Farm here in SoCal, nothing serious we would hang out at the park and occasionally I'd get my d#$k sucked on Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. She was a big time slut tho, running into random dudes she'd sucked off on a random basis all while at the theme park still. The long and short was I caught her at the park with some other dude and caught her giving him head on the same god damned ride. My friends tell me on the ride I should go throw my drink on them. I decide I'm just not gonna talk to the girl anymore, this was before the cell phone age (at least for teens) so I just happened to have this girls address and the knowledge that her birthday was coming up. So spend the next week keep all the dog shit in the backyard into a bucket and I fill a box with it. Taking care to seal it up really good before I wrap it in Dalmation print wrapping paper and ship it on over to her, with her friends return address. Unfortunately this is one of those pranks you'll never know if it worked out I just cross my fingers that she was sitting in her living room opening presents on her 16th birthday with all her family around.