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Originally Posted by e92addict View Post
Ok, I'm not an english teacher or anything close, but does some of the grammatical errors on this forum make you slightly annoyed? Also, people that use text language to the point where it's almost hieroglyphics!

I've been reviewing job applications and came across a cover letter that read: "I'm ure new (position being offered)..."

To summarize, if you know the difference between "to, too and two" you should be okay.

I need to eat a snicker's now, haha.

*Flames welcome
Both English and Snickers should be capitalized since they are proper nouns. It's also "do" and not "does" since you used the plural of "error." It's people "who," and not people "that."

And Snickers is plural whereas Snicker's is possessive. Fix your grammar please. Thank you.