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Originally Posted by Wakka View Post
fucking awesome. I can only hope to break a relationship in such a way...

This one happened to me:

So i had been dating my friends little sister (First mistake) for a while. We kept it fairly secret because i didnt really want my friend to know i was banging his sister. She was really cute and had an amazing body. Anyway maybe two months into the relationship it hit me that this girl was straight up insane. If she would text me and i did not respond instantly... i was clearly fucking someone else. In reality most of the time i was just high and playing video games and forgot about my phone.

Anyway so i would respond to her texts like 10-15 mins later, and catch tons of shit about cheating on her ect ect. This would just make me ignore her harder, whatever the fuck.

4 months in... she calls me, completely obliterated. Tells me that shes sick of me cheating on her and whatnot... i tell her its probably time to end this bullshit relationship. She gets super upset and tells me that she has cheated on me. with not 1, not 2, but 6 dudes and one girl. All of this apparently occured over the course of one weekend (Thurs-sunday).

I was pretty stunned at this point. Damn! what a slut, her nudes that she had sent me (Quite a few actually, including a sharpie in the pooper shot) all went up to 4chan with her phone number and a story about her included.

She called me crying, and telling me i was an asshole. Told her brother about it too. Thankfully he wasnt really too upset about it, he was more pissed at her for taking stupid slutty pictures then cheating on his best friend.

He also later on got back at me by fucking this girl that i had been with for a while.

Needless to say we've both agreed to stay the fuck away from family/girls that we have attachments too.

inB4 CSB, Shitty story wakka, Wakka = worst poster
oh snap, so sharpieinthebutt girl was bestfriend's sister? tv was never as interesting as ot is. wtf was she on that weekend? did she mix up ecstasy with roofies?

a little too late for waka=worseposter. that tag's gotta be in every single thread you post in lol.

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