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Fuck OT.
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that's okay, i like me.
no u.

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Appreciating and liking an artist's (define that how you will) product does not have to be predicated upon agreeing with their political views. Popular music is (generally) a very liberal art form...someone does not have to agree with what a lyric says in order to appreciate and enjoy the song.

If you think he should ignore his opinions on the matter, then you really have no place in this conversation and can back off right now. I may not support every lyric Lupe ever wrote, but what he's trying to do is promote political awareness, how can you be against that?

Also, my dad listens to Rush in the office a lot. I definitely think he's a pent up racist.
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This just in: @[Verbiage](contact:82449) is confirmed to be the most savage person on this site. Can't go into details but I will say, he is one smooth SOB. Haha