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Originally Posted by brava09 View Post

You might be the better driver though....
Nah, I'm aware of where I fall short.

His line was very good, he was doing everything right, experimenting sometimes to find a better line, but the car is just not as balanced - all my slides and lurches were a lot smoother and more controllable than his. To the point that I was giving him a LOT of room, you know, just in case...

Originally Posted by Nine View Post
did the c63 have the development package with LSD and more hp, if so that makes this even more impressive - if not it makes a lot of sense, think of the weight and lack of LSD.
Not sure - off the top of my head I would say no.

However a little bit in front of him there was this white C63 with the full tamale, chipped and whatnot. He didn't seem to be going any faster than his stock-looking brother and I would have passed him too in another few laps, given the opportunity.

No other way to say this, the M3 is simply magic in the rain. That's where the inherent balance shines and the car simply pulls it together.

By balance I don't simply mean between understeer and oversteer - I also mean that no one aspect of the car overwhelmes the others.

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