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Originally Posted by bmwmthree View Post
Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting the pics.

Your gf's aunt/uncle are only 35 years old?!
yes he was a surprise... she has uncles between 55 and 35, 7 kids.

Originally Posted by sorinel999 View Post
i wanna go there and dive but it is expensive as fuck.

your vacation looks like fun but i hate walking on my vacations so i probably wont do what you did.

vacation != walking till you drop dead from being tired.

p.s. your female is hot. i'd pick her over the beer.
It's actually not that expensive depending what you do. if you do a 7-8 day boat cruise to visit most of the islands and incorporate diving then yes... you are talking 3-5k a person. You don't have to walk everywhere, where we stayed we just did what was local. Every island is different. Santa Cruz is pretty big.

and thanks for the compliments on my girl... she's my future wifey, going to pull the trigger on a ring this year
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