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Just visited the Galapagos Islands & Ecuador

Figured I would share pictures!

Well I'm back from a trip to Ecuador & the Galapagos. Just a quick write up. Trip was awesome as expected!! Spent 8 days total, 4 days in Quito, 4 days on Santa Cruz in the Galapagos islands. I had no clue there were so many islands and that they were all so far apart when I first started planning the trip. Based on our time frame and trying to keep a reasonable budget we just stayed on Santa Cruz. There are a lot of great 7-8 day cruise trips that visit multiple islands, those can be had for $3k+ per person. Time was well spent, in Quito we stayed with my gf's uncle/aunt who are only 35 y/o so they like to go out and have fun. Time on Santa Cruz was well spent and we kept busy, probably should have relaxed a bit more, but we tried to see as much as we could with the time we had.

Here are some pics:

Pelican haven, must have been 20 of them hanging out diving after fish

Room before we got moved to a King bed. Gives you an idea

The amazing crabs. These guys move like lightning on the rocks, so hard to catch, strong little buggers too

Face-off Crab vs. Iguana...

Grande Tortugas! These guys aren't afraid of humans at all, they just chill and eat their greens

This was fun to watch! Round One.... FIGHT! I have a cool video of them going at it.

Inside the national park, you can pretty much go anywhere

Pelicans hanging out on the dock looking for fish guts the fisherman throw at them

Walk to Tortuga Bay... 3.5k... we nicknamed it the Great Wall of Galapagos. Took 30-40 minutes to walk this loooong path to the beach. The walk back we got stuck in a huge rain storm... fun but a pain walking this up/down path on rocks in flipflops :facepalm:


Warning signs of strong currents, there were strong currents, but honestly not that bad

Baby sting ray... this thing was fun to watch!

One Iguana on the beach just chillin... he must have weighed 20lbs. Big guy. I have a TONNNNN of pictures from our DSLR camera that I haven't loaded yet. These guys are EVERYWHERE on the rocks. Hundreds. Really great pictures I can share once my gf loads them online.

Ok so this is hard to capture or explain, but cliffs: These islands were formed by volcanos, volcano chambers became empty after eruption and eventually caved in causing these HUGE craters. So big I would need a panoramic camera to capture them.

More giant turtles, some of these guys are 120-180 years old. Unreal. They live off plants and fruit. Island is full of Guava trees, dunno if you've ever had Guava before, but it's delicious. Highly recommend picking up Goya Guava Wafers delicious!

Guava, just pick it off the tree and eat it, or feed it to a turtle mmmmmm.

Next... Giant Lava Tunnels, kinda crazy, these things get to 30 feet high inside. Probably about 1/2 a mile long being underground. Scary to think of a collapse, truly unreal to walk through them, my gf is 5'1 so you can see how high the ceiling is in the one pic. If you look behind her you'll see a crevice about 20 inches high. Umm... that's the way out. Was very interesting to crawl through considering the floors are soaked and dirty.

Seal just chillin

Next we went snorkeling and took a trip to a hidden cove where you can do cliff diving off a 35-40ft cliff. Water is 8 meters deep so it's safe to jump. Scary as hell standing on the edge

Me swimming down below!

Puerto Ayora at night coming back from snorkeling

Poor Sea Lion got attacked my a shark, we saw a couple off the side of the boat swimming around. This guy wasn't happy, you want to help but the poor guy is super defensive, hope he made it! He actually chased a group of us off the dock, he was blocking us from getting to our boat!

Had a sh*tty underwater camera, water was rough due to all the rain, best pics I got

Back in Quito, Ecuador we went to Mitad del Mundo aka the "Center of the World", Latitude 0.0.0. You can see where they marked the Equator, Yellow Line

Awesome area of Quito, completely revitalized and full of music and fiestas!

Amazing mural

Some awesome food with the love of my life.

That's all folks, I took about 500+ pictures of the trip. We had an AMAZING time, my Spanish definitely improved. Got to meet my gf's amazing family. Such a blast, I'll be going back at the end of the year, possibly to visit either Argentina or climb machu picchu in Peru! :thumbsup2: :halm:
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