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What I do to cut weight fast in the final phase of a diet/exercise regimen (before vacation or summer):

1. cut a sandwich in four pieces (chicken or turkey) NO condiments, some peppers for flavor
2. those are your meals have a small piece of fruit with two of them
3. in between meals drink lots of green tea with no sugar or sweeteners
4. drink 1.5-2 gallons of water (lose heat through frequent urination)
5. any old multivitamin will do


Focus on chest and muscles not often used to great effect in daily life (chest usually atrophies first)

Total body workout (HIT or High volume)

Lat Pulldown (or even better Pullover)
Military Press
Dumbbell Fly

HIT = 1 set of about 10 to failure (should get really hard around 5-6, and you should be balls to the wall getting the 10th or trying to)

High volume = 5 sets of 10 or just high reps 1 set

Cardio Circuit:

100 Meter Sprint
500 Meter Row
1/2 mile bike sprint

No rest usually do at least 2 circuits a day

I usually adjust my speed and rest intervals depending on my physical condition.

*** Disclaimer: this works for me, do it at your own risk, and I don't care if you think its rubbish but if you can think of something more effective please do tell.

I do this for as long as I need.