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Originally Posted by 1992_325i View Post
so you get porsche vip invites, have friends with all kinds of exotics, post personal pics of to-die-for cars and you claim you only drive a bmw? i dont buy it. dude, id love to see your stable. i cant even get close to those cars let alone get vip invites. i saw the gt2rs from your post before i could find it on the web

if you're humble and dont want to advertise, i understand, but i still would love to see more pics.
Hmm where do I start? First of all I am NObody. However I've been very very blessed to meet, know and make friends who are somebody. God knows me better than I know myself so he's only allowed me BMWs for now. Maybe once I'm more mature He will finally put a Pcar in my path. If so yeah, if not so be it. Life is more than just cars if U wish to know I have an excellent story to tell you of a very good friend I have, how we met and why we met. You ought to see his collection and very humble guy at that.

Invite for Pcar event was by another good friend of mine with an excellent Pcar collection as well. He knows people in Stuttgart, I've only seen pics of that place and probably as close as I will ever get to it. Don't really care for any exotics other than Porsche (and Lambo) could care less for Ferrari.

I'm working on taking pics of my personal rides but today's weather messed up my wife's ride so it will have to wait. Once pics are done I'll shoot you the'll see i'm just as normal as everyone else in here. Sorry bro no superman here just a plain ole Tomato of Average Intelligence