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Originally Posted by kw515 View Post
lol yea, being the creature of habit that most of us 9-5er are, i often encounter this black S5 at the red light leaving my neighborhood. We always catch each other staring at the other guys cars and making slight eye contact after realizing that we were staring lol.. its starting to get a bit awkward now..
But if you look at the reviews, the S5 simply doesn't have the steering feel of BMW..

Thats prob the major difference...and according to Clarkson it still understeers despite Audi's attempts to address that.

I dunno, you'll def get more looks in an A5

A4 offence, not that good looking...A4 needs to be wider, and neds the solid "L" shaped LED from the A5...that swooping thing they having going on just doesn't go with the solid lines of the car. Not very well thougth out.

A5 is BOSS look...A4 is most certainly not. Kinda looks like a meek little VW.

That being said, I have an e90 LCI....which ain't exactly a beauty queen by any standard; she's just lucky to have the BMW badge!!! THe e92 is timeless tho.