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Actually, I use it for selected trips and driving situations. Call me wimpy, but there's nothing wrong to me with saving some fuel and reducing emissions, albeit only a bit.

According to BMW:

"According to the standardised consumption test specified by legislation and conducted on the chassis dynamometer, there is a 3% saving in fuel. In everyday driving situations the savings potential can be as high as 1.5 litres (continuous running), depending on the route profile. The greatest savings effect is of course obtained in congestion and urban traffic."

One fill-up a week x $80 (Canadian fuel @ $1.50/L for 91 Shell) x 52 weeks = $4160 x 3% = $125. I'm ok with saving 125 bucks, if it actually works like they say. That feeds my Starbucks habit very nicely.

And it works just fine, I just anticipate re-starting by 1-2 seconds, lessen the pressure on the brake pedal (not even removing it), and the engine fires up, ready to go. The only issue I have is that my V1 reboots with every engine restart, but I don't really need the V1 in urban traffic congestion anyways so I turn it off.

Sure, I use a lot of gas with my M3. And yes, I know, I can afford this car, so I can afford the barrels of gas that I burn as well. But why not save 3%?
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