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My boss is 3700mi away in London. She's cool as hell and I think we identify with each other. We both want to get ahead and this has been evident. We used to be mortal enemies - or so our mutual old boss (we don't have enough electrons to begin describing how much of a dick he was) wanted us to believe.

When I first started working for her, another coworker told her I was a "careerist" and just wanted to get ahead. When I was questioned, I said.. "Yes, partially. But, I want to be paid a lot too." Followed by, "How can you trust someone with this much responsibility that isn't even smart enough to look out for themselves?"

That was it. Solidified. I truly like working for her. I always jokingly ask how wide her office is and mention that I'm looking at some new leather couches. She appreciates that. I do too. She wants to get ahead, she knows I know how to, we make big waves and ppl notice.

She's demanding though... I often get calls on a random Friday/Sat night that go, "There's a BA flight in 4 hours from JFK, you have a seat. Check your email when your connection lands to be briefed. Bring 2 suits and a tux. See you in (insert random European/Asian city here). I jokingly call her M. lol So where's my Aston Martin???

There have been days that I land at LHR at 7:30am on the UA flight and I'm back outa LHR by 5pm. It's always nice to stop in London for the day and catch up while en route to....?