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I'm an independent IT consultant so most places I get contracts at are in a world of hurt. Worst boss was my original one out of college at Andersen. Guy was a walking GQ ad. His croonies called him Chipster and he called everybody back Bobster, Davester etc, I used to throw up in my mouth when they spoke. He used to ridicule or tease me about where I went to college, SDSU, it's party school etc etc. He was a Yale grad and UCLA MBA. He would make me fly on my own time, Andersen culture of the mid 80's, but the problem is I supported small business on their ERP software so I'd be in the Bay area for a day or two, In Southern Minnesota for a day or two and maybe Houston for a day or two every week and have to fly in and out on Sat/Sun. Did not help my family life one bit, that and he would give my time away to clients and then drill me for not having 40 hours billable. I lasted 3 1/2 years before I just walked . Current client manager is ok but tons of mixed signals, micromanages like crazy and wants to see everything in writing before I even do it. Perfect example is a Project charter, design spec and test plan for something that takes me 3 to 4 hours to code and unit test. How the hell is a day and half of paperwork and signatures justified there and he does that constantly, good thing it's all billable. He's just CYA'ing himself as they let almost the entire staff go over the last 3 or 4 years. Mostly good guy though just a roadblock to anything useful.