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Originally Posted by cipher5 View Post
OSS is by far the best solution in my opinion.
if you mean best as in cutting open your headlights and possibly voiding all warranties associated with the headlight unit and other electrical components, then by all means yes, but OSS rings are the Orion V2 if you're a bit handy and tech savy, save yourself the time of sending your headlights out and order the rings directly form umnitza and install yourself. Same goes for the LS3 kit offered by bavarianx (the ls3 kits are not orion v2 rings). None of these kits will throw codes if installed correctly. Again, the hardest part about these kits is the install, you have to bake your headlights, pry them open, then reseal.

for an actual plug and play solution: IMO, the lux 8's are the best option, the lux 8 v3's are completely housed in the actual headlight housing, no error codes, and brightness is much improved over the stock's. Yes Lux8's can get washed out in sunlight, but I'm okay with that, and they are far better than the gp thunders (and/or other H8 halogen bulb options).

AiB's are another LED option, but reviews have been mixed regarding quality and brightness.

Eventually someone will chime in with HID AE's. Why I didn't want to go with HID's:

1) parts required to be mounted/stored outside of the actual light housing
2) IMO: the HID AE's are too bright, they wash out the xenons low beam lights.
3) there have been reports of some HID AE kits to cause yellowing of the rings due to the high temps.

OP: GL with your decision, hopefully there are a few members local to you with different AE set-ups so you can see in person how each looks like.
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