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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Yea the turn around is fast. I was doing the 10 or so movies a month with the 1 bluray unlimited plan.

After a few months I started to noticed that nearly all the new new movies were listed as "very long wait". For awhile I chalked it up as maybe they just don't have that many blurays in circulation. Well after another couple weeks of this continuing I logged onto my Dad's account and noticed that if I added the same movies to his queue the were listed as "available now", same blurays and we live 15 minutes apart so either way they can't claim DVD to bluray or geographic. I called to see whats up and they told me that since I was considered a "high user" that I was given wait times and that people that didn't watch as many movies are given a high priority for new movies. Now that's kinda messed up and also no where in their small print, just something they do.

This actually makes sense in a strange way, you would think they would want to reward the customer who does more business with them, however in a one price model, you actually want to disincentivize high usage customers they make less off them so they will give new and low usage users priority to keep them verse you.

Even though they can turn around DVD quickly, we do not take advantage of it, be probably only watch 4 or 5 DVD a month and probably about same on streaming. $8.99 a month is still better than going to the movies or doing on demand with Cable or paying the $4.99 or $5.99 for Directv movies.