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Originally Posted by Epacy2 View Post
Going the route of the 911. Looking identical generation to generation. Although, this beetle is slightly more different than a new 911 would be.
I dont know.... looks kinda like a TT to me. LOL Hopefully they have fixed all those little quality issues of the previous gen. Nothing like driving down the road in a downpour at 60+ mph and your drivers side window just drops like a stone and shatters into a zillion pieces. Followed by the passenger side a week later, then to find out that it was only a small problem that crossed over to the JETTA, and they just denied the problem existed for about 4 years - guess which car I had before the bug. Or the intentional design of the TDI that 80% clogs the intake/intercooler after about 40-50k miles. The wonderful timing belt that took them about 5 years to make reliably, so that it might last for at least 60k miles. JMHO, but no thanks
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