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RWD only.
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Call me crazy, but I actually really dig this. They added a seriously needed amount of masculinity, thanks to all of the crisp detailing and taught lines.

The roofline does a much better job of paying homage to the old Beetle. The sunken-in window sill is a brilliant idea and relieves a bunch of chunk from the sides. The side view mirrors are perfectly shaped and detailed. The headlamps feature a clean, defined design and the optional xenons (base halogens not pictured in OP) really bring it up a notch, and neither is poorly done. Body gaps are tiny, proportions are spot-on, and the sizing of everything in the rear is great too. The interior isn't even comparable with the last gen's. Without being able to comment on what the materials will feel like--and I'm hoping they're not gonna pull a MkVI Jetta and choose Fisher Price plastics--I'd say the interior should be a great place to sit in; sharp design, cool steering wheel, abundant details and appropriately placed trim. Oh yeah, the rear spoiler is a great touch as well.

I never thought I'd like this as much as I do right now. I'm sure a bunch of people will still call it feminine, but I think it has a unique charm to it. I'd love to see it dropped a little with some matte black HRE P40s with a polished lip.

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