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Both were manuals

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Hi all, my friend has a 911 s and a m3 . He invited me on a track day. I had 1 hr runs in both cars, these are my experiences and opinions. The 911 was really light in the front. The front was hopping and bouncing all the time. It understeered during turn in and wasn't as neutral as the m3. But the 911s exit was superior, it had instant grip unlike the m3 which had a little bit of oversteer. M3 was more comfortable in my hands so I have a better lap time. It had better steering feel but the chassis wasn't as involving. The sound is really intoxicating. If I were
To buy one it would be the m3. This was at limerock
. I forgot to mention the years, the Porsche carrera was a 2011 and m3 was a 2010
. And both were manuals