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Originally Posted by TX View Post
I'm sorry to jump in on your thread, but I also have a ticking noise near the left and right firewalls when it is running. I purchased the car with 16,000 miles back in october and now have 18,000 miles on it. The ticking has been there since I purchased it and I just assumed it was normal. I thougth it might be an emission control vavle ticking at idle like on my previous cars. Can someone please chime in if the tick tick tick tick sound I hear is normal. You are talking about a steady tick tick tick sound at idle right and not a random clicking like in this video? See below.

I really hope this is not against rules posting another users youtube link. I appologize if it is, but wanted to help out the OP.
That is my car. I went through two 2008 E90 M3s with the same ticking noise. I now have a 2009 that does not have the issue. I was told that they found the problem to be related to the main bearing.

I heard the ticking noise as soon as I had my break in oil change (1200 miles).