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Having owned both cars, I would say your experience is typical. All 911 platform cars are light in front, and tend to have the “porpoising” effect in a turn, which is probably your reference. And yes, slow-in-fast out is fine, but if you are slow enough to cancel all this characteristic, then you’re too slow. It’s just something to drive through, and you get used to it soon. Compared to the neutrally balanced M3, it is indeed disconcerting at first. As mentioned, the 911 has a ton of grip under acceleration, but it also has very significant understeer during that same phase of the turn. I would often have to lift gently at some point during the exit in order to get some additional rotation. In comparison, the M3 is so easy to simply come on throttle hard and manage the oversteer with steering and throttle to maintain a neutral drift on exit (assuming DSC is off). Once accustomed to it, I found the 997S more fun to drive on track, but without doubt more demanding. But for a heavy sedan, the M3 does an amazing job.