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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
OK I can't get this off my mind. Story of my fucking life. Looking for the highlight but can't find it right now. Friday was a 0-5L in 'Rado but 4 runs score in a single AB that wasn't a GS!!!?!?! Bases loaded, Byrd misses the catch in center and clears the bases, and then the batter (name slips my mind ATM) scores on a throwing error to 3rd!!!1

Maybe it's selective memory but I can't recall any 4 run plays that weren't GS recently
Of course it wasn't, because of the error. I'm not familiar with the specifics of the play you're talking about, but if a runner advances to home on a throwing error after hitting the ball and reaching up to third base, it's a triple with advancement to home on an error. In essence, the batter doesn't get full credit for it because he didn't deserve it.