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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
I'm sorry but E9X V8 is not going to be a "classic". It's a glorified 3 series car with custom parts is what it is. It's a fast car with amazing handling and engineering. But it's not a ferrari maranello or a lotus. It's still a serial production 3 series BMW. Not to mention it's body style is outdated (6 years? now with the current 3 series). I'd love to chat with you when the F3X is released and your "classic" M3 is barely sold for 40k, half of what you spend on it right now (with taxes/fees/etc a fully loaded E90 will cost around 75k). Sometimes you guys make me cry when you make it sound like this is the space shuttle and its just flying its last mission like the Discovery shuttle.

I am by no means suggesting OP to go for 550i, I have never driven a new 5 series, have no idea how heavy it is so cannot comment on it. I just wanted to share my opinion on this whole "NA V8" thing that everyone here is talking about. Reality is, most of you will be waiting in line when the F3X with new idrive, interior, 450hp/500lb engine is released. E46 was also the classic and E9X was just too heavy, guess what, all of you sold your E46 and went for the E9X

OP, don't come to an M3 forum an expect the enthusiast audience most of whom spent a fortune on their car to give you a fair suggestion. You won't find a single thread here where M3 vs. any car was compared and this wasn't the case. The right question isn't 550 vs M3, it is those features you care and how they compare against 550, so you should be asking M3 owners about their mileage, oil changes, exhaust notes, brake maintenance, etc and do the same in the 5 series forum. Your main aim should be facts gathering not getting carried away by biased opinions of everyone here (including me). Lastly, go and test drive both cars, 99% chance you will have made a decision by the end of the day.

E=MC2 - Remember this opinion on the M3. Man you have really changed your tune.