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YA if you are smart and dont visit porn sites or download torrents from sources that are not well known then you will avoid viruses. I know another IT guy that has no AV on his personal PC because he knows how they can bog a system down. He never gets Viruses either. Stick to known secure sites and dont download shit from just anyplace without certs, and ue your PS3 to surf porn You will be fine. It is funny to me how Mac peeps hate on PC's when they are usings computers that contain mostly standard PC parts at twice the price. the only diff is their OS. The only real reason they dont have as big of an issue with viruses is because their are not as many MAC's out their as their are standard Windows systems. So hackers dont target them as much. they have a better chance crippling and stealing info from a windows system. If MACS start to equal the numbers of PC's in business's and home use then they will have just as many issues.

I just watched it, and all I have to say is...COD what?

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Ive had my own Windows computers for 8 years now and the past year running without any anti-virus and i still don't know what a virus is. Kinda interested to know since ive heard about these things for 8+ years and have yet to experience one :P
My friend who tried using the 'Macs don't get viruses' crap on me just got a virus the other day. Ive had a virus-free PC for 8 years, hes had his Macbook for 7 months, you do the math

Back on-topic:
The full trailer is insane, everything so detailed and so well done. I can't wait
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