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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
I'm sorry I have nothing against alphina but that color (especially interior) is just horriffying (maybe in person its different). Did you have B3 before having the M3 or after? I don't think I'd drive the B3 if I had the beast (M3), or maybe sell them both and get a 911 GT3?

i had the b3 a year before getting the m3, however i barely drive it. i have a 2010 infiniti g37 for daily use. many that i know and along side people that would never drive any flashy colored car changed their minds right away after getting in the b3. i was never going to buy the alpina. i was at the dealer years ago looking to get the m3. i saw the alpina sitting there and i sat in it, it stole my heart right away. and brand new, it is also nearly $29000 more than the price of the m3 at the dealer. it has every option and individual color. it only had 1700 km and priced just as much as the m3. so i thought about exclusivity and i save nearly $30000 from buying it brand new.
i always loved the 335 and how fast it can be when slightly tuned. so the alpina was just a great choice for me. 500 nm of torque will blow your mind on such a small car.
m3 and alpina, two different cars, naturally aspirated engine vs forced induction. two great cars to drive. when i drive the m3, i miss the alpina, and visa versa, i miss the m3 when im in the alpina.
in terms of speed, the higher exhaust on the m3 makes it feel faster, however when i raced both, the m3 won by nearly 2 cars at speeds close to 200 kmph.
with afe dual cone intake and scoops installed on the alpina, the alpina won over the m3 by nearly 1 car length at 200.
with the active autowerke downpipes and eisenmann race exhaust, it wins by around 3 car length. that twin turbo engine is under estimated.

anyways sorry for the long reply. soon the m3 will win again ess vt625 soon