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nirvanayoda and Ersin,

Wow you guys are smart ! Your on to me.

First of all " Nirnanayoda " you have WAY TO MUCH time on your hands to do all that reasearch although it is Illrelevant I applaud you, was it because I am not a fan of Escort that gave me away? If you can read I stated on that ( I FOUND THAT ONLINE ). I was not to original poster maybe you should go harass them. and it also looks to me that many people and used that post in other forums..... SO WHAT! It's a great system and people are talking about it.......People are talking about the V1 and Escort too saying the same things does that mean there is a conspiracy? GET A LIFE I AM DONE ARGUING WITH JUST YOU TWO..HMMM

Oh by the way this thread was NOT started by me and Ersin you have posted and touted product in this thread WAY more then anybody.

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