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I know you say you are independent and unbiased, but let's present the evidence and let everyone else decide what's true.

Exhibit A -- Everyone should take note of post #27 of this thread. Some of the language (just in case he edits) reads: "I have reviewed tons of information and watched a ton of videos on encounters using both the K40 RL360, RL100 radar detectors, Escort 9500ci, Redline and 9500ix and the V1. I understand that ALL radar encounters are different"

Exhibit B -- (Everyone should compare post #1 of that thread to post #27 of this thread.)

Exhibit C -- (Hmm...another "my" user name with the exact same text as post #27 of this thread)

Exhibit D -- (Notice all the posts by "myGTO" (name sound familiar) talking about the K40)

Exhibit E -- (Same text as post #27 of this thread)

Exhibit F -- (Post #10 of that thread is the same as #27 of this thread)

Exhibit G -- (See post #44 of that thread)

Exhibit H -- In each instance above, the poster used the exact same language as you, the poster had very few posts, and almost all of the user's posts were about the K40 (just like you).

Let's let everyone make up their own minds about what is going on. I'm not going to suggest anything. I can't believe I wasted half an hour of my life doing this, but I thought everyone should see what's going on.