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Originally Posted by Poppin Fresh View Post
If you're a fan of the S class, why not an S63/S65 AMG?
Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Thats funny. Were looking to get out of a Flying Spur. Considered trading it in for a 750Li. As much as I love BMW's performance handling and known suspension research, the car seems to be fairly firm riding or a little too sporty for such a big cruiser. It isn't the ride of a Bentley that I have become used to. Maybe an Audi A8 L or S63? I am leaning more towards the S63 at the moment. Very cozy
thanks, actually we have had three in a its time for a change - we had one upto 2009 or so. we were ver happy.
i actually suggested it to him when we went to the dealer, but after he sat in the 57, he said i have no interest. And for us, no point getting an AMG s class, the regular s550 would do - we have a cls63 at home now, enough planet rape on its own.

not an audi fan at all personally - and we have a 745, that he doesnt really like...not a huge bmw family either.

Originally Posted by J50 View Post
Jag XJ Supercharged is really nice, might be worth a look.

Never been a big FS fan, comfortable just don't find them all that entertaining to drive.
thanks, agreed. when we were shopping last summer for a new sedan we looked at this quite throughly. ended up getting a panamera instead. but nice car for sure.


thanks for all the input guys. we actually planned to originally lease an affordable little suv, but that was too high and uncomfy. and then started speccing out reasonably cars and everything was coming out to like 55k at least for nothing great, so we started shopping around all over the place.
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