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I agree, the view I am looking for is what CAR is talking about: 'road use and daily driving'.

I could not use a Bugatti or 911 TT or GTR anywhere near their limits. I drove a 911 TT for an hour and it was very quick but also was hard to get near the limits almost seemed a little too tame at 8/10ths which was all road use allows.

At least where I live and the way I drive with all the law enforcement, I never go above 100 mph, so in some regards even the M3 is overkill.

I never go the track and while I agree it's interesting to compare cars based on lap times and such, that is less important to me than real world fun-to-drive or easy-to-live-with metric.

CAR said if you had room for only ONE performance car in you life (for all around use) the M3 was the clear winner. Presumably this means from time to time on occasion you may need to transport someone in the rear seats and they pointed out the GTR for being such a LARGE car is very short on rear seat room.

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