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Originally Posted by rai View Post
I just read an interesting evaluation in this latest issue of CAR magazine about the M3 v GTR v Cayman R and the Lotus Evora

so they say the Porsche and Lotus were the sportier cars but not long on room comfort etc..

But what I was interested in was that they picked the M3 above the GTR. I don't mean the GTR was bad, but more or less the GTR is a car that is great for going fast, real fast. They say it could do 200 mph, but the problem is in the real world we can't drive that fast. The M3 will get you where you are going as fast as you need to go. What I take that to mean is in the real world and on real roads without racing (which I never do) the M3 is fast enough.

Then the M3 has the more alive (or more interesting) engine, the M3 has more useable rear seats (and trunk) and is ~$20K cheaper.

Again, I don't think the GTR is anything short of amazing, but without getting into absolute contests of speed, in the real world, it sounds like the M3 is probably the nicer car. Plus not to mention the GTR has the Nissan experence and the higher cost.

One thing really going for the GTR is they don't seem to sell many, this to me is good since you can go a lifetime without seeing yourself, one day I was parked at a McD and another M3 pulled up next to me. In my whole life I have only seen one GTR.

Also, the GTR is a rocket. CAR magazine says in a drag race or roll-on race between the GTR and M3 is looks like two guys skydiving and one guy pulls the cord for the parachute (the M3) and the other guy takes off (the GTR) leaving the M3 for dead.

I have not seen an on-line copy of the CAR magazine article but it's worth a read.
I really enjoy most of the British auto rags and even subscribe to Top Gear and Evo. One thing that seems common amongst most of the reviewers is that they take the approach of whatever car they are driving will be used for day to day transportation. If you compare the M3 and GT-R from that perspective then I can completely understand how one would chose the M3 over the Nissan. However, when you start comparing which car is the better weekend warrior then things might change depending on your point of view. I agree that the GT-R can't be used to its full potential on the road, but you can still have a blast with the car even below 100 mph.