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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
so many things to say about that car that i don't have the will to write. comparing a modified 335i to one is just stupid, for one. you might get the power but the aural experience is completely outmatched. the interior gets revised to look better than the E9X's imo (current C interior is definitely behind the E9X's in both material quality and design; par for build quality). not to get too into it, but the C63's balance is iffy in corners w/o TC on, and straightline performance is fast but the linear delivery doesn't deliver the same "oomph" feel that the N54 might.

my guess is that the facelifted version will be better than the M3 as a daily driver without a doubt. i'd still take the M3 for the weekends anytime though.
that's nice you corrected your self at the end