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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
That website makes my brain hurt. Cliffs?
OP has the story, and link to updated cliff

Some guy composed some serious cliffs for all 50 pages thus far.

Dave went to school with a girl in London who eventually moved back home because she got engaged. Recently he ran into her again as she was in town visiting friends. She is still engaged but after the random meeting she started sending Dave flirty messages. Dave didn't want to mess with her but she agreed to a threesome with Dave and his friend. So now his plan is to do it and send the film to her fiance.

Link ->

FB Profile View ->*****1.jpg
FB Conversation #1 ->*****2.jpg
FB Conversation #2 ->*****3.jpg
FB Conversation #3 ->*****4.jpg

Dave believes she can say the screenshots and messages were false but she can't deny a video. Dave will try to do this in the least hurtful way possible but he plans to go through with it and aware the fiance.


Misc goes literally 50 pages of the following. YBD has only posted in this thread about 3 times.

People saying "in" or praising YBD for making a legendary thread.

People making an argument that YBD shouldn't do it because it will hurt the fiance or the fiance will kill himself. Instead YBD should show the chat conversations of her intent to do it and leave it at that. The argument against this is that if YBD doesn't sleep with her and just shows the fiance the FB conversations then she will be able to easily lie her way out of it.

YBD should arrange for the fiance to be the other guy that is going to hook up with her

YBD should go through with it and send the video to the fiance with the chat conversations because that would be "misc justice"

THERE IS NO VIDEO YET. People were talking about a video from an old thread YBD made about sleeping with a bartender. That video got YBD and several other people banned. YBD won't be able to sleep with the girl outlined in this thread until tomorrow night. So there is no video at this time. Don't request the bartender video or pics because it will probably get this thread closed and earn yourself a ban.


Dave has decided he will make the video and share it with the misc. However to spare the fiance he will at first NOT show it to him and try to convince the fiance using just the chat logs. If the fiance doesn't believe it or still stays with her then he will use the video as a last resort.


and the vid is only 50 seconds because he couldnt let her know he was doing it, but its nothing special but proof it happened and she screams "are you filming this?" at the end lulz