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Originally Posted by henry418 View Post
a diesel sounds like a diesel there is no mistaking the sound of a diesel
Haha ain't that the truth! If there's one gripe I have about the diesel it's that there is no exhaust note. The engine sound is amazing. very melodious. Sounds great when you punch it and it just makes this nice humming noise when cruising along. Only under hard acceleration is it loud and at idle it's very quiet. only at low speeds does it ever clack like a diesel. Trust me it's not like the diesel's we are used to.

But hey who wants a droning exhaust on a multi hour long road trip?

My second gripe about the diesel is that you get all that juicey torque downlow. after 3300 rpm it falls off then the horsepower hits at 4k rpm to about 4200 which feels weak compared to that wallop of torque. if you let it go to 5k it just kind of falls off so there is no point of hitting redline. Unlike a gasser that pulls and pulls all the way till redline.

its a different feeling one has to get used to.