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test drove C63 already

Test drove the c63 again , both local and freeway driving and it scared the crap out of me. The torque is insane and the stock exhaust gargles, wheels spin all the time. The legroom in the rear isnt mucn but that doesnt bother me. I feel like used up 50% of the rear tires thread . It kinda out of control all the time when i flat out (say im crazy, i switched off the traction control) . Will think about it for a day and decide which i should go for. Maserati with look but slow , c63 is a rocket with nice interior. Some say c63's interior is poor but i dont think so , most of the part is wrapped by leather, nice stitching and nice seats. Big trunk and it feels solid, comparing to my SL500 thats day and night. I cant imagine merc finally got something similar to m3. Some say that it still doesnt handle as good as m3 but come on, from C55 to C63 merc makes a very big improvement. M3 handles way better in the corner but i drive on straight line more then corners in daily use. I can enjoy the excitement anytime once i hit the pedal instead of only having fun in the corners on the m3. im a bimmer fan but i must say that m3 is slower then c63 in straight line, quiet a lot. M3 doesnt give me the rocket feel and the power only comes when it hits over 4-5k rpm. Anyway C63 is such a beast, 5 seater, comfortable ride, rocket speed, nice DD

excuse my grammer, im not native english speaker, sorry about that.

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