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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
I'm not ignorant about GrandAM. Am I required to like it? Don't get hung up on every word. It is very amateurish compared to each and every series I mentioned. The tires alone make it suck. Ultimately, the best drivers and cars, and competition, rules, teams, etc., etc., etc., are elsewhere. It's (GrandAM) a low budget series and quite pathetic it's the best road racing we offer. End-o-story. Get your head out of America and recognize we're well behind the world in quality racing series, and not just compared to Europe. We're getting better though. I'm hoping with the new Austin track, we'll eventually see WTCC and FIA GT events here. Why not, they travel to South America every year.
I actually agree with pretty much everything you say...however the fact there isn't that much money involved is why I said in a previous post the cars are closer to what you drive on the street.

As far as getting my head out of america, I have done so quite a bit. I was US Army for 9 years to include deployments to Japan, Thailand, S. Korea as well as the Phillipines. My family is all from Europe, mainly from England and Austria, which I have vistied numerous times. My wife is from Japan and have been there now over 20 times (in fact Yokohama is my second home).

I felt your comment about it being amateurish still doesn't fit the bill due to the fact the race series was designed to keep the cars as close as possible to the original street cars, hence the low cost. However, very good teams as well as drivers participate in this series. For you to call it amateurish when drivers such as Scott Maxwell, Boris Said, Bill Auberlen as well as Joey Hand are involved in this series seems off base, well at least in my eyes.

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